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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Victor Ekpuk's Mural Drawing "Amsterdam Central"

Dear Friends,

I have since returned to the United States after a wonderful three years stay in the Netherlands. While in the Netherlands, I participated in artistic projects and exhibitions. One of such projects was "Amsterdam Central" a mural drawing that I performed at Meneer De Wit Gallery in Amsterdam.

Please click the link to view. Ekpuk

visit: http://www.victorekpuk.comSkype Name: Akpanekpuk

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Remembering Not To Forget

September 8, 2008
Contact: Marta Reid Stewart

The Duke Ellington School of the Arts’ Museum Studies Department is proud to present the exhibition entitled Remembering Not To Forget, a collection of works that chronicles both the triumphs and tragedies -- the personal and political events of life’s experiences as depicted by a group of local artists.

The Black Artists of DC (BADC) was founded nine years ago to establish a network for working artists, curators and art enthusiasts. BADC members critique one another’s work, share information about residencies and grants and discuss participation in upcoming exhibits.

“Never before have we had an exhibition that could generate such compelling dialogue about the social hurdles that Americans grapple with in the United States. It is certain to generate conversations that originated in the headlines, continue in our classrooms and are visually documented in the Ellington Gallery,” said Marta Reid Stewart, Chair of the Museum Studies Department and Director of the Ellington Gallery.

“This exhibit is designed to engage and stimulate student’s learning about history and culture,” Stewart said.

The exhibit opens September 11th and runs through November 7, 2008 at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, 3500 R Street, NW 20007. An opening reception kicks-off this memorable exhibition at 5:30 p.m. until 7 p.m. Visitors will have a rare opportunity to meet such noted artists as Michael B. Platt and Claudia “ Aziza” Gibson-Hunter, a founding member of BADC. An intimate evening with the participating artists is scheduled on October 16th at 6:30 p.m. at the Ellington Gallery. Visitors will be able to ask questions about the artists’ work and processes.

"Since the restoration of our fine art gallery here Ellington, we have been excited about showcasing, not only the works of our students, but the amazing work from those
in our community. We can think of no better group to showcase than the Black Artists of DC. Their cultural and artistic expressions serve as a motivation to our students and as a reminder to all of our rich culture and heritage. This is truly an exhibit that you should remember not to forget! We hope that the broader DC community supports this exhibit and stops by."

During this historic year of firsts, Remembering Not To Forget, features the work of 35 artists and showcases more than 60 art pieces that include paintings, sculpture, ceramics, photography, assemblage and fabric collage. This will be the first time that the prestigious Black Artists of the District of Columbia has exhibited in the Ellington Gallery.Remembering Not To Forget, documents the art, history and esthetic culture of the 21st Century. A must see.

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Obama for America Campaign


40 celebrated artists from the DC/Baltimore area are opening their studios to the public for an “Art for Obama” event to raise money.

Sunday September 28, 2008
11:00 am - 5:00 pm.


Throughout history, Art has been used as a vehicle for social and political change. We want to add our voices to a "change we can believe in." The event offers art lovers and collectors the unique opportunity to visit and view the works of various artists in their own studios. The public will be able to purchase original paintings, prints, wearable art, textiles, jewelry, ceramics, photography, sculpture and much more while supporting the campaign.



Akili Ron Anderson, Cynthia Sands, Amber Robles-Gordon, Bruce McNeil, Ben Belghachi, Aziza Gibson-Hunter, Chinedu Osuchukwu, Julee, Daniel Brookings, Gomillion, Harlee Little, James Brown, Audrey Brown, Jeffrey McCauley, John Henderson, LaShell Rivers, Marc Williams, Michael Platt, Prelli Tony Williams, Prudence Bond, Rosetta DeBerardinis, Stan Squirewell, Virginia Greene, Anne Bouie, Phoebe Farris, Francine Haskins, Josh Isaac, Gloria Kirk, Juliette Madison, Gwendolyn Aqui, Christopher Randolph, Mekbib Gebertsadik, Darnella Davis, James Roland, Carol Porter, Michelle Rene Cobb, Ann Williams, Beverly Paul, Jonnie Bess, Terry DeBardeladen, Trudy Trotz, Oluwatoyin Tella-Swan

BADC Art for Obama/ Open Studio Sale
Sunday September 28, 2008

Sculpture Studio 2467 Sherman Ave NW WDC 20056
Akili Ron Anderson, (202) 246-6021
Jonny Bess mailto:johnnie_ bess@yahoo. com>,(540) 846-2150
Daniel Brookings brazilprincessa@ (202) 255-5720
Mekbib Gebertsadik mailto:mekbibg@>,(703)606-1388
Amber Robles-Gordon, amberoblesgordon@ (240) 417-4888
Jeffery McCauley mccauley07@gmail. com (704)293-6045
Beverly Paul mailto:bevpaulart@, (915) 526-3026
Michael Platt michaelbplatt@ (202) 332-6917
LaShell Rivers eye.dream@hotmail. com (202)232-0744
"Trudy Trotz" ,
Oluwatoyin Tella-Swan>,
Prelli Tony Williams prod1artist@ (202) 581-9481

French Street
Textile Studio 932 French Street NW WDC 20001
James Brown needlejme@yahoo. com (202) 232-7725
Audrey Brown alawasonb@yahoo. com (202) 232-7725
James Roland, 932 French Street NW WDC (202) 232-7725

Farris Studio 3519 16th Street Studio WDC NW 20010
Darnella Davis ddavis@cosmoscorp. com (202) 829-2646
Phoebe Farris phoebe@purdue. edu (202) 328- 1002

Gibson-Hunter Studio 4221 Argyle Terrace NW WDC 20011
Terry Debardelaben terrydebardelaben@, (202) 986-9791
Prudence Bonds, prudencebonds@ (202) 258-2728
Aziza Claudia Gibson-Hunter ghunterstudio@ (202) 723-9409
Josh Isaac greatisc@aol. com (301) 350-4108
Ajani Thomas
Ann Williams annmarie87@verizon. net (703) 758-8655

Studio Aqui 6001 66th Ave. Suite 201Riverdale MD 20737
Gwendolyn Aqui (301) 459-8038

Gomillion Studio 3218 Chestnut St. N.E WDC 20018
Gomillion freegomillion@ (202) 269-2757
Andre Greene greenev60@yahoo. com
Virginia Greene greenev60@yahoo. com

School 33 Art Center Studio1427 Light Street Studio #201
Baltimore MD 21230
Rosetta DeBerardinis (202) 669-8436

Julee Designs Studio 3205 16th St, NE WDC 20018
Julee Dickerson-Thompson tjulee1670@aol. com 202)-269-3067
Francene Haskins (202) 355-5507
Christopher Randolph (917) 797-1960

Cynthia Sands Studio 405 Aspen St. NW WDC 20012
Anne Marie Evans a.evans681@verizon. net (202) 726-2821
Carol Porter, carolporterart@ (301) 565-2599
Cynthia Sands cynthiasands@ (202) 726-2821

Metro Arts Center/ Harlee Little Studio 6925 Willow St. NW 20012
Gloria Kirk gkirk1234@aol. com (202) 882-1084
Harlee Little harlee.little@ (202) 321-9088
Shoccara Marcus (202)321-9088
Bruce Mc Neil brucemcnil99@ (202) 257-4490
Stan Squirewell ssquirewell@ (202) 390-4151

Belghachi Studio 3541 16th street NWW DC 20010
Ben Belghachi mobenbel@aol. com (202) 431-4537

Chinedu Felix Osuchukwu Studio 1272 Oates St NE WDC 20002
Chinedu Felix Osuchukwu brendells@hotmail. com (202)486-5456
Marc William Bryant dcmarcb@aol. com (202) 486-5456

Michelle Renee Cobb Studio 7816 Morningside Drive NW 20012
Michelle Renee Cobb mishcob@comcast. net (202) 372-7354

Ann Bouie Studio 1201 Columbia Rd. NW WDC 20059
Anne Bouie abouie1201@aol. com 202.652.0361

Kanika Kulture Studio 5220 Kansas Ave. NW WDC 20011
Juliette Madison info@kanikakulture. net (202)-421-5532

Need a map to get there????

http://tinyurl. com/badc- art-for-obama

Yep, We Be Baaadddd!

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Frank Smith at the Historical Society of Washington, D.C.

Exhibition: Frank Smith: 40 years Since the Riots

June 1, 2008 - December 15, 2008

Frank Smith came of age during the height of the Black Arts Movement in the late ‘60s. One of the early members of AFRICOBRA (African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists), Smith sought perfection in the creation of a unique African American aesthetic that pays homage to cultural traditions, specifically of rhythm and quilt making, yet transcends artistic styles to create his own. Just like jazz, and the transformative ‘60s when Smith began his career, he improvises, moves fast and demands freedom – freedom of color, freedom of space. Many of his works are large pieces, assemblages of several works, or alternatively, pieces of one large work and layered with vibrant strokes and fabrics of color.

Historical Society of Washington, D.C.

801 K Street, NW

at Mount Vernon Square

Washington, DC 20001


All content © 2007 Black Artists of DC all rights reserved.
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