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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How BADC Members Are Helping One Another

By T.H. Gomillion

Black Artists of DC (BADC) is a unique group of artists coming
together to help each artist and the group to grow in understanding
the business of art. We come together with different levels of
education, age and skills and with no ego to hamper the learning from
one another.

I was given such help by another artist, Lilian Thomas Burwell. She
critiqued my body of work and gave me food for thought . Her
generosity is as big as her heart. Not just satisfied with
conversation, she gave a great deal of her time and effort to fashion an impressive
portfolio of my artwork. Thanks Lilian for your time and wisdom..

For over thirty years T.H. Gomillion has been working diligently with
a serious dedication to be an artist to be reckoned with. He is an artist who has been
underrepresented in the wider art market. Such general recognition may
well be emerging now.His true emergence as an artist is no more a new fact
than the coincidence of his life. He was born as such. However
,despite what might at most be called a spotty
record of exhibitions in noteworthy venues, he has consistently produced and has
exhibited along with such as Lois Mailou Jones and
Paul Goodnight , whose professionalism is undisputed.

Gomillion has quietly, persistently and conscientiously pursued his
own vision, never being satisfied to acknowledge the existence of only
one path for himself. as surely as he has produced firm and strong bodies
of work in specific styles or media, his work also shows that he is
ever open to acknowledging and exploring other possibilities within himself.

Here is the tip of his iceberg.
Burden of Life 24"x48" acrylic

Learning the Way 24"x48" acrylic

Holding the Purse Strings 24"x48" acrylic

The body of work presented in this portfolio is probably his most impressive. Its aesthetic strength and relevance to the various realms of human experience is exciting.The simplicity of its format is disarming, its impact indisputable. What initially may appear to be naive and simplistic grabs you by the throat in its primal appeal. One finds easily, without search, that beneath the directness of his "what you see is what you get" approach is the mature wisdom and sophistication of an artist who holds an educated brush in hand to show you what truth he sees. Gomillion offers if nothing else, the opportunity for the viewer to simply savor the joy of the colorful ride.

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